The Treatment of Cannabis Use Disorder, Itai Danovitch, David A. Gorelick, 2019

The Treatment of Cannabis Use Disorder

Itai Danovitch, David A. Gorelick,

Chapter,The Assessment and Treatment of Addiction, january 2019



 Worldwide, cannabis is the most commonly used illicit substance. Approximately 8-12% of persons who use cannabis will develop cannabis use disorder (CUD) at some point in their life. Several psychosocial treatment methods have shown efficacy in controlled clinical trials, including motivational enhancement therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and contingency management. While no pharmacotherapy has been established as broadly effective for CUD, gabapentin and N-acetylcysteine have shown efficacy in single controlled clinical trials, and a number of promising approaches are under study. This article reviews established and emerging pharmacological and psychosocial treatment options for CUD, both alone and with psychiatric comorbidity.

Key Words : Cannabis; Marijuana; Cannabis Use Disorder; Intoxication; Withdrawal; Treatment; Comorbidity