Entheogen : Ultimate Guide To Entheogens, Rafaelia Cleary, Relax Like A Boss, 2019

Entheogen : Ultimate Guide To Entheogens

Rafaelia Cleary, Relax Like A Boss, 2019

Entheogen: Ultimate Guide To Entheogens


What is an entheogen?

What do entheogenic substances do?

And how does entheogen therapy work?

We’ll answer all of these questions plus much more in our ultimate guide below…

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What Is An Entheogen?

There are many people who find words like ‘spiritual’ and ‘psychedelic’ to be a little odd.

However, they can’t deny the use of psychoactive sacraments in various religious practices.

An entheogen is a type of psychoactive substance that plenty of shamanic and religious activities use.

These psychoactive substances are typically the derivatives of plant sources.

But now since the organic chemistry is in practice, a lot of successful synthetic substances exist.

These substances are somewhat similar to entheogens.

People have been utilizing entheogens in a ritual context for over 1000 years now.

Chemicals like DMT, ibogaine, LSD, salvinorin A, psilocin, etc. are still in use today.

Some people worship Entheogens while others criticize it.

The use of entheogens dates back to centuries and centuries ago. And it’s still a part of the regular rituals at certain places around the globe.

The communities there, use it in a sacred manner.

A number of psychedelics have the legal status or acceptance in different parts of the world today.

At the same time, the law of many other countries limits the use of these psychoactive substances.

Spiritual use of Entheogens

One can see the spiritual use of entheogens amongst many different religions.

Different cultures rely on different psychedelics, or entheogens for their spiritual and traditional rituals.

One of the most commonly utilized entheogen in its spiritual manner is ‘Peyote.’ Huichol Indians of Mexico who use it.

There are a few places in North America where they even perform the North American peyote ceremony.


Entheogen: Ultimate Guide To Entheogens