#INSIGHT 2019 – Integrating science and practice of psychedelic states : International Conference (Sept 5th-7th, Berlin)

#INSIGHT 2019 – Integrating science and practice of psychedelic states: International Conference (Sept 5th-7th, Berlin)

The INSIGHT 2019 conference website launched! Get your tickets now. Great international line-up (more to come). Tracks: Basic research, Therapy, Public Health, Philosophy at the Langenbeck-Virchow House Berlin-Mitte. https://insight-conference.eu #INSIGHT2019 #MINDacademy #Berlin
Research about the psychedelic state and its applications in medical and other contexts has entered a new phase. Dozens of international Universities are involved in basic, clinical and public health research about classical psychedelics, novel substances and the contexts that facilitate positive, sustainable or negative outcomes.
The INSIGHT 2019 is a public transdisciplinary conference on the science and practice of psychedelic states: Join to participate in the discussion with international experts and young researchers from the fields of medicine, neuroscience, psychotherapy, philosophy, the social and political sciences, public health and policy making. Our goal is to create a responsible and evidence-based discourse about the complexity and usefulness of these states – both induced by pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods.
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