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Twitter Bots Tout Cannabis as a Cure-all Despite Few Approved Medical Uses, Lisa Rapaport, Medscape,  2019.

Twitter Bots Tout Cannabis as a Cure-all Despite Few Approved Medical Uses Lisa Rapaport Medscape - Dec 27, 2019. (Reuters Health) - Social media bots are promoting cannabis as a remedy for everything from cancer to insomnia and foot pain, according to an analysis of posts on Twitter. "Social bots regularly perpetuate unsubstantiated health claims on the platform, providing one example of how false statements may drown out solid science on social media," said lead study author Jon-Patrick Allem of the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. "I want the public to be aware of the difference between a demonstrated, scientifically backed [...]

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The Philosophy of Psychedelic Transformation, Chris Letheby,

The Philosophy of Psychedelic Transformation Chris Letheby Journal of Consciousness Studies.     Introduction and Methodological Preliminaries Psychedelic drugs are remarkable substances which have been hailed as indispensable epistemic instruments for the sciences of mind, as unparalleled psychotherapeutic interventions, as unique sources of insight into the nature and genesis of psychosis and religion, and as keys to the survival and flourishing of the human species (Osmond 1957, Sessa 2012). After a politically driven decades long hiatus, scientific study of these drugs in humans has resumed with impressive results. Given the magnitude and variety of significance ascribed to the substances, it is surprising that philosophers have not [...]

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