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Bibliographie : Cannabinoïdes synthétiques et Néocannabinoïdes, Dr Christian Sueur, GRECC, décembre 2020

Bibliographie : Cannabinoïdes synthétiques et Néocannabinoïdes   Dr Christian Sueur, GRECC, décembre 2020   Définitions et Usages des cannabinoïdes synthétiques : 2 - 6 Toxicologie des cannabinoïdes synthétiques : 7– 12 Cannabinoïdes synthétiques et psychose : 11 - 12 Pharmacologie des cannabinoïdes synthétiques : 13 - 16 Neurophysiologie des cannabinoïdes synthétiques : 17 -18 Analyse des cannabinoïdes synthétiques : 18 - 19 Usage médical des cannabinoïdes synthétiques : 20 – 22 Rimonabant : 21 -22  

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Synthetic Pot : Not Your Grandfather’s Marijuana, Benjamin M. Ford et al, 2017

Synthetic Pot : Not Your Grandfather’s Marijuana Benjamin M. Ford, Sherrica Tai, William E. Fantegrossi, and Paul L. Prather Trends in Pharmacological Sciences, 2017, 38, (3), 257–276. doi : 10.1016/j.tips.2016.12.003 Abstract In the early 2000’s in Europe and shortly thereafter in the USA, it was reported that “legal” forms of marijuana were being sold under the name K2 and/or Spice. Active ingredients in K2/Spice products were determined to be synthetic cannabinoids (SCBs), producing psychotropic actions via CB1 cannabinoid receptors, similar to those of Δ9-THC, the primary active constituent in marijuana. Often abused by adolescents and military personnel to elude detection in drug tests due to [...]

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Legal highs : staying on top of the flood of novel psychoactive substances, David Baumeister et al., 2015

Legal highs : staying on top of the flood of novel psychoactive substances David Baumeister, Luis M. Tojo and Derek K. Tracy Therapeutic Advances in Psychopharmacology, 2015, Vol. 5, (2), 97–132 DOI: 10.1177/2045125314559539   Abstract : There has been growing clinical, public, and media awareness and concern about the availability and potential harmfulness of so-called ‘legal highs’, which are more appropriately called new or novel psychoactive substances (NPS). A cat-and-mouse process has emerged wherein unknown chemists and laboratories are producing new, and as yet nonproscribed, compounds for human consumption; and as soon as they are banned, which they inevitably are, slightly modified analogues are produced to [...]

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