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The nephrologist’s guide to cannabis and cannabinoids, Joshua L. Rein, 2020

The nephrologist’s guide to cannabis and cannabinoids Joshua L. Rein   Purpose of review Cannabis (marijuana, weed, pot, ganja, Mary Jane) is the most commonly used federally illicit drug in the United States. The present review provides an overview of cannabis and cannabinoids with relevance to the practice of nephrology so that clinicians can best take care of patients. Recent findings Cannabis may have medicinal benefits for treating symptoms of advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end-stage renal disease including as a pain adjuvant potentially reducing the need for opioids. Cannabis does not seem to affect kidney function in healthy individuals. However, renal function should be [...]

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The Psychiatric Consequences of Cannabinoids, Joao P. De Aquino et al., 2018

The Psychiatric Consequences of Cannabinoids Joao P. De Aquino, Mohamed Sherif, Rajiv Radhakrishnan, John D. Cahill, Mohini Ranganathan and Deepak C. D’Souza Clinical Therapeutics, 2018, 40, (9), 14481456 Doi : 10.1016/j.clinthera.2018.03.013   ABSTRACT With rising rates of cannabis use in the general population and an increasing number of US states legalizing both recreational and medical cannabis use, it is important to be informed about the adverse consequences of cannabinoids. This Commentary provides an overview of the psychiatric effects of plant-based and synthetic cannabinoids, differentiating acute effects from effects associated with persistent use. Cannabinoids produce multiphasic and dose dependent effects on anxiety, mood, and perception, in addition [...]

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