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Psychedelic Therapy and Suicide: A Myth Busted ?, Megan Brooks, Medscape, 01/02/2022

Psychedelic Therapy and Suicide : A Myth Busted ? Megan Brooks Medscape Psychiatry, February 01, 2022 www.medscape.com/viewarticle/967669_print   A commonly held belief that classic psychedelic therapy can trigger suicidal thoughts, actions, or other types of self-harm is not supported by research, and, in fact, the opposite may be true. Results from a meta-analysis of individual patient data showed that psychedelic therapy was associated with large, acute, and sustained decreases in suicidality across a range of clinical patient populations. "This is the first analysis to synthesize suicidality outcome data from recent clinical trials with psychedelics. It gives us a better understanding of the effects of psychedelics on suicidality in the [...]

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Birth Outcomes of Neonates Exposed to Marijuana in Utero. A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis, Greg Marchand et al., 2022

Birth Outcomes of Neonates Exposed to Marijuana in Utero. A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Greg Marchand, MD; Ahmed Taher Masoud, MD; Malini Govindan, MD; KellyWare, MS; Alexa King, BS; Stacy Ruther, BS; Giovanna Brazil, BS; Hollie Ulibarri, BS; Julia Parise, BS; Amanda Arroyo, BS; Catherine Coriell, BS; Sydnee Goetz, BS; Amitis Karrys, BS; Katelyn Sainz, MD JAMA Network Open, 2022, 5, (1), e2145653, 1-13. doi : 10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2021.45653   Abstract IMPORTANCE While some studies have found an association between marijuana use and adverse neonatal outcomes, results have not been consistent across all trials. OBJECTIVE To assess available data on neonatal outcomes in marijuana-exposed pregnancies. DATA SOURCES PubMed, Medline, ClinicalTrials.gov, [...]

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