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Cannabis use and later life outcomes, David M. Fergusson & Joseph M. Boden, 2008

Cannabis use and later life outcomes David M. Fergusson & Joseph M. Boden Addiction, 2008, 103, 969–976 doi : 10.1111/j.1360-0443.2008.02221.x   ABSTRACT Aim : To examine the associations between the extent of cannabis use during adolescence and young adult-hood and later education, economic, employment, relationship satisfaction and life satisfaction outcomes. Design A longitudinal study of a New Zealand birth cohort studied to age 25 years. Measurements : Measures of : cannabis use at ages 14–25; university degree attainment to age 25; income at age 25; welfare dependence during the period 21–25 years; unemployment 21–25 years; relationship quality; life satisfaction. Also, measures of childhood socio-economic disadvantage, family adversity, [...]

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