Étiquette : neuroimmune disorder

Cannabidiol modulation of oxidative stress and signalling, Sonia R. Pereira et al., 2021

Cannabidiol modulation of oxidative stress and signalling Sonia R. Pereira, Becky Hackett, David N. O’Driscoll, Melody Cui Sun and Eric J. Downer Neuronal Signaling, 2021, 5,  NS20200080 doi : 10.1042/NS20200080   Cannabidiol (CBD), one of the primary non-euphoric components in the Cannabis sativa L. plant, has undergone clinical development over the last number of years as a therapeutic for patients with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndromes. This phytocannabinoid demonstrates functional and pharmacological diversity, and research data indicate that CBD is a comparable antioxidant to common antioxidants. This review gathers the latest knowledge regarding the impact of CBD on oxidative signalling, with focus on the proclivity [...]

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