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Heaven and Hell Revisited, Peter Webster, 1996

Heaven and Hell Revisited Peter Webster Composed in 1996 for The Psychedelic Library   How is it possible for two persons of such obvious intellectual talent as William Braden and Aldous Huxley to have such radically different experiences as a result of ingestion of a similar quantity of mescaline? Both Huxley and Braden brought to their first psychedelic experiment a wide knowledge and understanding of science, religion, mysticism, literature and fine arts, yet Huxley’s initial psychedelic experience was a revelation, and led to the writing of The Doors of Perception, a book which launched a movement, if not a revolution. William Braden’s experiment, recounted [...]

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LSD Psychotherapy by Stanislas GROF, 1997

LSD Psychotherapy Stanislas GROF Hunter House Ed., 1979   LIST OF CONTENTS 1. History of LSD Therapy The Discovery of LSD and its Psychedelic Effects Early Laboratory and Clinical LSD Research Therapeutic Experimentation With LSD Studies of Chemotherapeutic Properties of LSD LSD-Assisted Psychotherapy The Need for a Comprehensive Theory of LSD Therapy 2. Critical Variables in LSD Therapy Pharmacological Effects of LSD Personality of the Subject Personality of the Therapist or Guide Set and Setting of the Sessions 3. Psycholytic and Psychedelic Therapies with LSD : Towards an Integration of Approaches The Search for an Effective Technique of LSD Psychotherapy Advantages and Drawbacks of the Psycholytic Approach Pros and Cons of Psychedelic Therapy 4. Principles of LSD Psychotherapy The Preparation Period Psychedelic Sessions Integration [...]

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Freudian, Jungian, Grofian — Steps Toward the Psychedelic Humanities, Thomas B. Roberts, 2017

Freudian, Jungian, Grofian — Steps Toward the Psychedelic Humanities Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D. The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, 2017, Vol. 49, No. 2, 19 p. Copyright 2017, Transpersonal Institute   ABSTRACT: Stanislav Grof’s map of the mind offers transpersonalists — and further, humanists and all professions working with the human phenomenon — a new kind of intellectual effort. Just as Freudian and Jungian psychologies enriched 20th Century intellectual life, Grofian is enriching the 21st. Grof’s psychedelic-derived theory promotes cultural interpretation, psychocriticism, curricular enrichment, and new methods of humanistic research. The theory’s four-level map of the human mind has received moderate attention primarily by confirming other [...]

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