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Cannabis and synaptic reprogramming of the developing brain, Anissa Bara et al., 2021

Cannabis and synaptic reprogramming of the developing brain Anissa Bara, Jacqueline- Marie N. Ferland, Gregory Rompala, Henrietta Szutorisz and Yasmin L. Hurd Nature Reviews | Neuroscience, 2021, https://doi.org/10.1038/s41583-021-00465-5 Abstract Recent years have been transformational in regard to the perception of the health risks and benefits of cannabis with increased acceptance of use. This has unintended neurodevelopmental implications given the increased use of cannabis and the potent levels of Δ9-​tetrahydrocannabinol today being consumed by pregnant women, young mothers and teens. In this Review, we provide an overview of the neurobiological effects of cannabinoid exposure during prenatal/perinatal and adolescent periods, in which the endogenous cannabinoid system plays [...]

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