Étiquette : marijuana marketplace

The Need for Federal Regulation of Marijuana Marketing, John W. Ayers et al., 2019

The Need for Federal Regulation of Marijuana Marketing John W. Ayers, PhD, Theodore Caputi, Eric C. Leas, PhD,MPH JAMA, June 11, 2019 Volume 321, Number 22 doi:10.1001/jama.2019.4432   A national for-profit marijuana industry is expanding substantially in the United States. Thirty-three states have legalized medical marijuana, 10 of which (where 1 in 4 individuals reside) have also legalized recreational marijuana. Sales of marijuana are projected to increase from $8.5 billion to $75 billion by 2030, rivaling current tobacco sales ($125 billion).1 The initial marijuana marketplace was limited to a few states, but emerging brands have developed sophisticated national marketing campaigns that could potentially have an [...]

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