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Cannabinoids and Reproduction : A Lasting and Intriguing History, Giovanna Cacciola et al, 2010

Cannabinoids and Reproduction : A Lasting and Intriguing History Giovanna Cacciola, Rosanna Chianese, Teresa Chioccarelli, Vincenza Ciaramella, Silvia Fasano, Riccardo Pierantoni, RosariaMeccariello and Gilda Cobellis Pharmaceuticals, 2010, 3, 3275-3323. doi : 10.3390/ph3103275   Abstract : Starting from an historical overview of lasting Cannabis use over the centuries, we will focus on a description of the cannabinergic system, with a comprehensive analysis of chemical and pharmacological properties of endogenous and synthetic cannabimimetic analogues. The metabolic pathways and the signal transduction mechanisms, activated by cannabinoid receptors stimulation, will also be discussed. In particular, we will point out the action of cannabinoids and endocannabinoids on the different neuronal networks [...]

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