Étiquette : Lysophosphatidylinositol

GPR55-Mediated Effects in Colon Cancer Cell Lines, Carina Hasenoehrl et al., 2019

GPR55-Mediated Effects in Colon Cancer Cell Lines Carina Hasenoehrl, David Feuersinger, Melanie Kienzl, Rudolf Schicho Medical Cannabis & Cannabinoids, 2019, 2, 22–28 Doi : 10.1159/000496356   Abstract The cannabinoid-responsive G protein-coupled receptor GPR55 and its endogenous ligand L-α lyso-phosphatidylinositol (LPI) have been reported to play a role in several cancers. A proliferation-enhancing effect of GPR55 has been described for several cancer cell lines and LPI has been found elevated in cancer patients. The aim of this study was to investigate whether GPR55 signaling had an effect on the proliferation of colon cancer cell lines. Using cell viability assays and Western blotting, we show that stable overexpression [...]

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