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Cannabis sativa research trends, challenges, and new-age perspectives, Tajammul Hussain et al., 2021

Cannabis sativa research trends, challenges, and new-age perspectives Tajammul Hussain, Ganga Jeena, Thanet Pitakbut, Nikolay Vasilev, and Oliver Kayser iScience, Cell Press, 2021,24, 103391, 1-13. Doi : 10.1016/j.isci.2021.103391   SUMMARY Cannabis sativa L. has been one of the oldest medicinal plants cultivated for 10,000 years for several agricultural and industrial applications. However, the plant became controversial owing to some psychoactive components that have adverse effects on human health. In this review, we analyzed the trends in cannabis research for the past two centuries. We discussed the historical transitions of cannabis from the category of herbal medicine to an illicit drug and back to a medicinal product post-legalization. [...]

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